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We provide consultation and technical advice for faculty and teaching fellows interested in developing multimedia language applications.

Beyond the LRC: Development Software:

Hot Potatoes: This is an excellent and popular tool for creating web based language drills and exercises. There is some support for non-roman fonts using Unicode, and you can also incorporate LRC On-line video and audio into your exercises!

Check out the hot potatoes web site »

Did You Know?

  • The LRC will happily send a runner to your office to pick up media materials. Call us (5-9448) or email ( to arrange a pickup.
  • You can email the LRC the Hollis number for a DVD, and we will take care of getting it and putting it online for your course.
  • LRC online audio and video can be added to your course upon request.
  • Dish Network provides a wide variety of programming in many languages. You can take programming into the classroom using one of our PocketDish devices -- a simple way to carry video content around with you and share it with your students.

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The Language Resource Center is located on the 4th floor of Lamont Library, situated in the Southeast corner of Harvard Yard.