What you can do at the LRC

The Language Resource Center is available to all FAS students for support of foreign language learning. The following is a list of typical student activities at the Language Resource Center.

  • View on-line videos for a course, and listen to on-line audio materials.
  • Use language learning computer software.
  • Check out audio and video materials for your course for use within the LRC.
  • Use Adobe's Creative Cloud software to create and edit photos, graphics, videos, websites, and more.
  • Watch High Definition TV from all over the world via Dish Network.
  • Use the computers for multilingual web-browsing and other computing.
  • Watch non-English-language DVDs and videos, including those in foreign formats (PAL, SECAM, non-region 1 DVD, etc…)

Note that the LRC does not handle English-language films other than a small amount of material by special arrangement with Harvard Extension School (Institute of English Language, etc…).

Hours of Operation

2 pm - midnight
9 am - midnight
9 am - midnight
9 am - midnight
9 am - midnight
9 am - 5 pm
1 pm - 5 pm

Visit the LRC

The Language Resource Center is located on the 4th floor of Lamont Library, situated in the Southeast corner of Harvard Yard.