The LRC is closed until Summer School classes begin. Email to contact staff.

What you can do at the LRC

The Language Resource Center is available to all FAS students for support of foreign language learning. The following is a list of typical student activities at the Language Resource Center.

  • View on-line videos for a course, and listen to on-line audio materials.
  • Use language learning computer software.
  • Check out audio and video materials for your course for use within the LRC.
  • Use Adobe's Creative Cloud software to create and edit photos, graphics, videos, websites, and more.
  • Watch High Definition TV from all over the world via Dish Network.
  • Use the computers for multilingual web-browsing and other computing.
  • Watch non-English-language DVDs and videos, including those in foreign formats (PAL, SECAM, non-region 1 DVD, etc…)

Note that the LRC does not handle English-language films other than a small amount of material by special arrangement with Harvard Extension School (Institute of English Language, etc…).

Hours of Operation

2 pm - midnight
9 am - midnight
9 am - midnight
9 am - midnight
9 am - midnight
9 am - 5 pm
1 pm - 5 pm
Intersession (May 12 - Jun 18)

Visit the LRC

The Language Resource Center is located on the 4th floor of Lamont Library, situated in the Southeast corner of Harvard Yard.